Saturday, August 08, 2009

Recession Nails Part 1

(Kai's Nails done By her mama Ms Nani) In an attempt to cut out unjustified expenses in these difficult financial times, I've decided to stop getting my nails done at the shop.

For those who are familiar with me, know that's a big deal. Ever since I was 12 years old, hitting the nail shop has been one of my great gifts to myself. I know the ladies feel me on this, few things in life rival the satisfaction I get when I leave the nail shop straight wet with a new paint job. *Sigh* But, like my Jewish pops likes to remind me, it's beyond my means, for now. Everytime he sees me it's the same piece of advice, "Save 10% percent of everything you make, and soon enough, you'll be stable enough to, play with your money, but honestly right now it's beyond my means."

I know he's right... my goal is to actually take his advice (after 25 year) No, more nail shop, so I can take that money I'd spend on my fill+ pedicure + hand design every 3 weeks (ladies you know the math) and put it away for the rainy days that may or may not come, the point is not to get caught out in the rain without the tools to keep you dry.

But times like these, are equivalents to blank canvases or empty spaces, the possibilities are endless just as long as you put out the effort. So this morning me and the Clan at Fort Inyo Ave. had a Nails Did Party. (Here's my attempted at my first hand design.)

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