Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Frisco Renaissance Twitter Question of the Day: How does social change happen?

Here is what you all had to say

al_jieh needs to be started by people with ethics, education, drive, resources, belief, & heart.

kimunication @Nina_Parks Instead of waiting for the gov't to help us we work within our communities to show them what we're worth. It starts with not accepting handouts and being looked upon as needy people. The pity parties must end. It's not as if we live in an impoverished part of the country yet the mindstate is poor and "less than worthy" waiting for help.

SabaTheG Frisco renaissance; Love it. For me it started when I recognized change was needed.

JBillion Change Happens when people realize they have the power to change things(mainly the youth)

iameevents social change will happen whn young ppl stand up & realize were only killin off a race of gr8 ppl, must recognize self value

alteredground it all Starts with one. One being able to influence the rest. Then the movement will happen. Change mindsets, change stereotypes it also starts with one thought, one idea, inspiration and Want & need. When the community come together change will come

misschief916 it begins with the individual. Understanding the problems of society and truly believing you can make a difference. also raising awareness of the severity of these problems..

Prince_Aries I think we gotta make it happen

BeatKnoxX well collective change begins on an individual level in a contagious way inspiring others to change as well. if the goal is of collective interest and the change is believed to be possible to achieve.

makanaokealoha The solution can only be based upon an approach that transcends selfish and regional demands.(@HisHoliness)

Danimals415 RT @Nina_Parks @Danimals415 Frisco Renaissance: How does social change happen?<--One heart at a time..

MerkSVillain RT @Nina_Parks Frisco Renaissance: How does social change happen? --Opening minds and eyes. Seeing is believing. (villain)

ARON415 RT @Nina_Parks Frisco Renaissance: How does social change happen? ----> Believe in what your doing!

catrinachaos @Nina_Parks Start by making the right #cabudget cuts (like ending the death penalty) + electing good DAs for #justice. >>> Follow @nminsker!